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PRO Sports & Spinal Rehab has the ability to get an athlete back to competition quickly and effectively. The basic knowledge of human biomechanics puts us at the top of the list for finding a professional to treat your musculoskeletal injury. Young athletes to the weekend warriors have the potential to benefit from our care and sports rehabilitation.

We have the training to be on-field physicians for various sporting events. However, this is not typical and can even be rare. Athletes are patients that are very physically fit and motivated to stay that way. Athletes are physically and mentally different from sedentary patients. This makes an athlete able to recover quicker.

While the professional prerequisites are obtained in the regular physician education, on-site athletic care is often a far different experience than that of general practice. Innumerable cranial, spinal, and extremity contusions, strains, sprains, fractures, subluxations, dislocations, and soft tissue trauma are what we see everyday.

While conditioning is emphasized in athletics, the motivation is frequently on winning, rather than on prevention of injury. While this seems difficult, chiropractors handling athletic injuries must understand this if they are to properly evaluate and provide service. The development of cooperation between team physician and family physician helps to reduce the problem of conflicting opinions, often delivered to an already confused athlete. The typical family doctor has little knowledge of the practicalities involved in specialized sports injury management, and should accept next steps & recommendations when explained by our team.

The PRO Rehab approach toward athletic injuries has demonstrated that everyone is better served by having the injured player promptly and ably treated, thereby obtaining recovery before irreparable damage is done.

At PRO Sports & Spinal Rehab, we have a special interest in athletes and have the experience to handle their injuries. We look forward to providing you with quality care for renewed and revitalized physical health. We accept most insurance carriers and same day appointments are available. Call today!

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