Sports Rehab


Dr. Cybulski is well trained in just about all aspects of Chiropractic Manipulative Treatments.

He is a firm believer of "Treating the Athlete in You," which is why Dr. Cybulski frequently uses the same types of chiropractic manipulations that he uses on Professional athletes, on those who are non-athletes.

His belief is that, if it is good enough for the Pros, its good enough for everyone.
The goal for any injury or setback, is to return to activity as soon as possible. In this day and age it is unrealistic for just anyone to take a few weeks off of their job to heel as pro athletes do. If people were to do that, they would not have that job for very long. That is why adding a "sports" philosophy to getting an injured area better and back to "full strength" is a no brainer. Dr. Cybulski is as aggressive on a non-athlete as he is an athlete. The injuries are basically the same. The mechanism of injury (how you injured yourself) is the only difference.

P.R.O. REHABILITATION is an exciting and innovative new model for Physical Therapy combining aspects of manual therapy with biomechanical analysis and correction. This rehab favors individualized treatment. Too often patients and athletes are treated with only “passive treatments” such as rest, ultrasound, as well as many others, without any focus on active healing or correction of movement imbalances. Dr. Cybulski utilizes manual therapy to selectively heal damaged tissues while aggressively working around the injured area to correct biomechanical inefficiencies and to not only correct, but to enhance performance. After our treatments, many patients have reported that they are stronger, have obtained better balance, or can perform at a superior competitive level.

sports rehab

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