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Physical Therapy - Soft Tissue Release

What is "Soft Tissue Release" ?

Faster Muscle & Tendon Healing By Freeing Up Scar Tissue
If you have an injury involving the tearing of your muscles or other tissues, that injury is going to get repaired with scar tissue.
Even when you’re stretching, exercising and getting Physical Therapy and standard massage…
You can still end up with muscles and or tendons that feel very tight, restricted, painful and stubbornly resistant to your efforts to get them back to normal.

Still stuck – Because of that excessive Scar Tissue.

Soft Tissue Release is the therapy method I use to help free your muscles and tendons from all that Scar Tissue stickiness.
You get simultaneous pressure, friction and a great-feeling stretch. (See the photo above where I’m pressing on the calf as I stretch it.)
It often feels fantastic and it releases those Scar Tissue restrictions like nothing else.
Your muscles feel freer and looser –
You get an immediate sense of increased flexibility (in a way that tends to last unlike getting a regular massage that just “wears off” after a few hours),
You often get some immediate relief from the pain…
Especially from problems like Tennis Elbow, Tendonitis, and Rotator Cuff injuries –
(Which all tend to have a lot of Scar Tissue or other restrictions that Soft Tissue Release excels at freeing up!)

Pro MMA fighter Danny THE MACHINE Morales
Pro MMA fighter Danny "THE MACHINE" Morales

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